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My name is Gordon Breuer and I’m currently working as a Senior IT Consultant and Software Engineer for msg systems AG. I’m mostly developing within the Microsoft Technology Stack, e.g. the .NET-Framework, Windows Universal Platform, Windows Azure Cloud and Office365. Also I’m interested in Game Developing with Unity3D and Cross-Platfrom Development with Xamarin. My preferred programming languages are C# and WPF / XAML, but I’m also fluently writing HTML5 with CSS3 and (not yet so fluently wink) JavaScript. There are a lot of other languagues I tried at least, working in IT as a developer for over 15 years had left it’s mark.

Although I started my interest in Computers with eight years, when I was allowed to use my fathers IBM XT 8086 for the first time and started to create my first programs in Basic, I didn’t start a career in IT at first. In fact I started 2003 studying jurisprudence for six semester, but snapped it 2006 as it turns out it just wasn’t the kind of thing I wanted to do the rest of my life. Later, during working in a cross-media marketing agency, I finished my training as a Digital Media Designer, special field Media Operation non-print, with distinction 2009. That makes me a career changer regarding IT, but also giving me some unique insights and expert knowledge most developers cannot keep up with. I also took some further education during my work at msg systems AG and finished my training as an IT Architect 2013.

In my free time, when not working on privat projects (APPs, Augmented Reality, IoT / Rasperry Pi, Conference-Speaker, Author, …), I like to read an old-fashioned book (it just smells better than a tablet!), listing to audio books (loving Agatha Christie and Dan Brown) or some cabaret (if you speak German, I strongly recommend Volker Pispers to you!), or I’m listing or even playing music. When I was a child I was sent to music school for nearly 12 years (didn’t liked it very much back then, but now I’m really glad for it) and learned to play the organ. Today I’m playing most of the time only on a keyboard, an organ or a piano is just too big and bulky. I’m also a great fan of board and card games (Do you know Zombicide? A really great table-top!), and I like to create some light sfx videos & movie editing.

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26 Apr 2017 . Win10 . Casually using a Proxy with Bash on Ubuntu on Windows Comments

With the Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update (1607) we also got an integrated Linux Subsystem and the so called Bash on Ubuntu on Windows, providing us with a familiar Bash shell and Linux environment in which you can run most Linux command-line tools, directly on Windows, unmodified, without needing an entire Linux virtual machine. As I’m using my Surface Pro 4 within our company network as well as at home, I need to use a proxy-server only occasionally and wanted an easy method to switch it within the Bash. This is a simple new method…

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  • April 2015

    Certified Scrum Master (CSM®) Training

  • September 2013 - November 2013

    Training as IT- and Software-Architect

  • Mai 2013

    Awarded as a Nokia Developer Champion for Windows Phone

  • Mai 2012 - Today

    Working at msg systems AG as Senior IT Consultant and Software Engineer

  • Mai 2012

    Awarded as a Nokia Developer Champion for Windows Phone

  • Juli 2009 - April 2012

    Working at DMDE GmbH as Technology Producer and Software Engineer

  • August 2006 - June 2009

    Training as a Digital Media Designer (non-print) at DMDE GmbH

  • October 2003 - March 2006

    Studying jurisprudence at the University of Saarbrucken, without degree

  • September 2001 - July 2006

    Working at BoxFix Limited as server administration and associate director

  • Juni 2002

    Secondary School, Gymnasium Kerpen


Verantwortlich für den Inhalt nach § 55 Abs. 2 RStV und Angaben gemäß § 5 TMG:

Gordon Breuer
Eifelstraße 14
50169 Kerpen

Telefax: 03222-6423764

Quelle: http://www.e-recht24.de



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Drop me an email if you are interested in me giving a lecture or speech for your Usergroup or Conference bust_in_silhouette, or just for some exchange of ideas and talking speech_balloon. When you are near Frankfurt or Cologne we also can share a coffee coffee (tea tea for me) together. sunglasses