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Windows Phone 7 Theme-Resources Cheat-Sheet

31 May 2011 . Unknown . Comments


Instead of using hardcoded values for your font sizes, margins, and so on in your Windows Phone application, there are a lot of predefined resources already available you can just use.

Not only makes it your developer / designer life easier but it guarantees a consistent layout through all WP7-Apps, as long as you follow the others principle of the Metro design-language.

Of course you could lookup all those available resource-keys in the msdn. But after creating a few apps I was tired of opening my browser and calling my bookmark to the specific page. There are quite a few of the so called “cheat sheets” available for developing / designing applications for Windows Phone 7, but nothing yet for those resources. I have an education as a “Designer of digital and print media, specializing in non-print media operations” so I typeset such a Quick Reference Sheet with Adobe InDesign CS4.

You can find a print-ready (300 dpi) PDF here:
WP7_Theme_Resources_Quick_Reference_Sheet.pdf (191 KB)

As always, for questions or feedback, contact me or leave a comment.

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